Tuesday, 10 January 2006

Real Simple.

That is my mantra for this year. Simplify. Clean out. Clear out. De-clutter. Whatever you want to call it. My goal is simply this: to pick a small part of the whole house each day and re-organize it. It's amazing how much space you have once the mess of unused is cleared out. I plan to tackle every closet, every drawer, every box until this whole house is organized. There are many, many objects that should have never made the move from Nova Scotia. But I did not have the time or focus to tackle such a project before we left. Today I started with the drawers in Tyler's room clearing out items that are small or stained. Then I tackled my scrapbook supplies. Things were not as disorganized as I thought and I was happy to find some pics of the kids as newborns that I couldn't exactly remember where I had placed.

On another note, I watched the new Martha Stewart show today, as I often do a 1 pm. One of today's guests was Alexis Stewart, Martha's daughter. I have to say that I was very much disgusted by Alexis' behaviour on the show today. She acted like a spoiled, rich prima donna, and was not very kind to her mother. It was sickening to watch. I cannot help but think of all the people who have been on Martha's show who were just thrilled to be there, but not her own daughter. How ironic that she was a part of Martha Stewart: The Apprentice where she was taking participants to task for not having the appropriate attitude and putting forth their best effort, and yet, here she is acting like a moody teenager who has much better things to do than be on her mother's show. Just an observation.

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