Thursday, 12 January 2006

A Million Little Pieces.

I have not read this book, but it is on my "to read" list. It was an "Oprah's Book Club" pick last fall, and sometimes, I am a little hesistant to read books that are SOOO in the moment. Not sure why, but it was the same way with the Da Vinci Code. Everyone I have talked to has said that it was an amazing book, amazing story. This week, controversy erupted when a website called "Smoking Gun" accused James Frey, the author, of making up parts of the book and exaggerating other parts. I happened to catch James Frey on Larry King Live. It was like watching a deer in the headlights-he looked so frightened. I felt so sorry for him. He admitted that he did change some details in the book to protect the identity of others, but otherwise he stands by his book and it's message. The big question on everyone's mind was what Oprah thought of all the controversy and of James. She called in to Larry King Live to say that the regardless of the details, the book's overall impact and message will remain the same to her and it will resonate with scores of people who are battling additions. You could see the immediate relief on James Frey's face as she offered her opinion. It was a great program to catch, and today I am compelled to find and read the book. I think that because it is a book, and not an affadavit, it is the writer's option to write the story as he sees fit. Details, are just those, DETAILS. And the bigger truth of the book remains the same.

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