Wednesday, 25 January 2006

"And Daddy had to close his eyes...."

Yesterday, I had the privelege of being the parent helper in my son's kindergarten class. I say "privelege" because I was able to bear witness to his " show and tell" which, in his case, is mostly "tell". And tell he does. For the full minutes fifteen minutes in which he was given the floor, he managed to squeeze as many words as humanly possible out of his mouth. He brought 2 Rescue Heroes, a Knight, and a Bedamon thing to show his classmates. He told everyone that this Rescue Heroes names was Billy Blazes and he was the leader and he got Billy awhile ago for Christmas and this Rescue Heroes name was such and such and the Knight here he got for Christmas and he came with a sword and a shield and a big castle that is like five feet high (here he widens harms as wide as he can)and so big that Daddy had to put it in the basement and this here Bedamon Daddy bought after a trip and you know Daddy went on a trip somewhere and he got to go on the Back to the Future ride and it was so scary that Daddy had to close his eyes.....and on and on and on. At the end, the dinosaur relic of a teacher (substitute) asked him to thank his audience for being such a good audience and he thanked everyone for being such a good audience and being "such goood friends". What a perfect time to the leave the video cam at home, you idiot mother. Tyler, I hope you NEVER lose the ability to talk with such joy and pleasure in front of a group of people. I think you have mastered public speaking at the age of 4.

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