Saturday, 20 May 2006


Here are some things that went on around our house today:

Hunter went to skating. We learned that the two dances that she has been working on are probably not "passable" as they are. They need a lot more work. So I have hired another coach who specializes in dances to help her with these dances. Let's pray that we can get them to a passing level in the next two weeks.

Ron went this morning to the sports wholesale outfitters. He came home excited about the cool fishing and camping gear he saw.

Ron and Tyler went to scout Lake M. this afternoon to see if it was a place that they might like to go fishing.

I did a little laundry. Returned some things to the Children's Place. Browsed at Old Navy. Got Hunter's skates sharpened. Made caesar salad for supper. Ron bbq'ed some yummy pork chops and potatoes.
Watched "Millions" with the kids and rented "Match Point" for Ron and I.

All in all a pretty normal Saturday. Cold and windy in stark contrast to the very warm temps we had just a few days ago.

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