Tuesday, 7 February 2006

Scenes from a Weekend in Winnipeg

Hunter & I just got home from Winnipeg where Hunter’s skating club competed in “Westerns”. This is the finals for the Western Division teams to compete for a spot at nationals. Our club sent 6 teams ranging from 9 year olds right up to 60 year olds to compete. Here are some fun facts from the weekend!

Hunter’s team, Juveniles, finished 6th in a flight of 8 teams. This is great considering that 85% of our skaters are first year synchronized skaters. The Juvenile Team consists of 9-12 year olds. No where to go up from here!

The Junior teams placed 5th in a flight of 17 teams and they get to go to Nationals. Hunter’s “big sister” in the club skates on this team, so this is exciting news for big sis, Genene!

The “Open” team, which is the really “pro” skaters, who skate 5 days a week, won gold.

Winnipeg is cold! -27 when we went out to our car on Sunday!!!!!!!!

I managed to pass “bun-making” 101! My final exam was achieving a bun on Hunter’s head at 5:30 AM. Next year I graduate to “false eyelash gluing”. I made an attempt this year, but after ending up with eyelash glue all over my pants, and eyelashes placed on “backwards”, I was fired! False eyelashes have a “right’ side and a “left” side! Who knew!!!!

Yes, the prairies are flat, flat, flat. I was navigator in our rental car and my main instructions to my pilot went like this, “turn left, go straight, turn left go straight,….. turn left, go straight”. I think you could actually fall asleep and not go off the road.

The best thing about Synchro is that it such a fun TEAM sport! Love that.

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