Friday, 24 February 2006

Birthday Party Toy Day.

Today was "Birthday Party Toy Day" in Tyler's kindergarten class. Every child in the class can bring a toy from home to school today and the birthdays of the month are celebrated. There was only one other child who had a birthday in February besides Tyler-Faith. Tyler chose to take his blue transformer to school today and I brought 24 cupcakes, teddy grahams for James and Jimmy Neutron napkins and plates. Tyler got to wear a birthday crown and he got to go to office for a special birthday treat. The school secretary told him he had to "dance or sing" for a treat.She had no sooner said "dance" when Tyler's feet started moving wildly. Took lots of pictures, but the one thing I didn't get on camera was Tyler at the bathroom door of his classroom with his pants and underwear wrapped around his ankles shouting, "MOM! I need some help in the bathroom." Such a proud moment for me.

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