Wednesday, 21 June 2006

a token of friendship.

Nancy arrived at school on Monday morning and surprised us with these mugs. She said it was a token of the friendships our "lunch" group has developed over this past school year. I was so touched by this gesture. I love the PINK, the poodle and how it says "bonjour" along the top. So perfect.

You see, of the many worries I had about moving to Alberta, I was worried that I might be lonely. Not lonely in the sense of feeling alone, because I have Ron and the kids, but lonely in the sense of "girlfriends". Finding new people to share companionship with in a girly way. This worry has evaporated.
I have found friendship among this group of 5 women. We share the commonality of having children in Madame Bonnie's kindergarten class. But our little "lunches" have allowed us to get to know each other.

To bond.
To express.
To share.
To laugh.
To be there.
To listen.

I think friendships are so important for mental health-not just mine, but everyone's. Some of us have two children, some have 3, some work, some don't, some of us have husbands, some don't, but we have each other. We give the gift of friendship. And I, alone, am so very grateful to have these fun, intelligent women in my life.

Nicole, Teresa, Denae, Nancy and Maureen. Thank you so much.

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