Saturday, 10 June 2006

a goalie invades the bedroom,the tooth fairy brings clothes and breakfast with bubbles...

Last night Ron took the kids out for a bit of shopping. Nicholas was visiting yesterday with his new goalie gear, and Tyler was positively green with envy. There were a few tears shed, so Daddy decided to take Tyler out shopping for some goalie gear and Hunter was going to receive cash in the same amount for our trip to American Girl. They went to Walmart, Toys R Us and Canadian Tire before finding what they were looking for. So the little goalie is happy now. He came into my room this morning fully suited up(despite vomiting a few times in the night), rolling around singing "O Canada" in a crazy mixed up version of French and English.

While they were out shopping, I ran out and did a little shopping of my own. I went to Please Mum where a 50% off sale was happening. I picked up for Hunter an orange skirt and top, and matching pink skirts and tops for her & Charlotte. We will give Charlotte's to her for her birthday when we go home. When I arrived home, Hunter came to show me a very wiggly tooth. She actually let me pull it out for her, but I told her that the tooth fairy was out of cash and was giving her an oufit instead. More than a fair trade, don't you think?

It's Saturday and Ron has gone to get his Jeep detailed for the "Presidential Tour" happening this week. He just called to tell me that he was at BUBBLES. Haha. Now, I could not resist asking if BUBBLES was there, where was Julian and Ricky, did they serve rum and coke, etc. I'm sorry, but a business named BUBBLES is just crying out for some TRAILER PARK BOYS remarks.

Tyler is on the sofa watching TV. He was sick a few times last night, so we are keeping a low profile today. Hunter just tumbled out of bed. It's 8:31, and I haven't done a single thing yet today with the exception of blogging. I 'm tired. I slept on the corner of Tyler's bed last night so I could be there when he was sick. Not the best sleep. Now off to eat some Fiber 1 for breakfast.

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